The omnipotent SUV amongst the MERIDA-Pedelecs.

SUV – ‘Sports Utility Vehicles’ – a term from the automotive industry that characterises off-road vehicles with an urban orientation. It defines cars that offer comfortable day to day usability whilst being ready for some off-road fun. Our engineers have managed to create the perfect balance between moderate commuting bike and sporty MTB with our eBIG.SEVEN and eBIG.NINE models. Powered by an intelligent mixture of STePS E8000 battery (500Wh) and ‘Light Offroad’ E6000 motor the eBIG.SEVEN/NINE enable you to combine the daily commute with a sporty trail detour on the way home. The completely new frame has modern additions like front and rear through axles and Boost Standard to further improve wheel strength. Even with its sporty geometry our eBIG.SEVEN/NINE are Pedelecs that can be turned into the perfect day to day machine by adding mud guards and rear rack.




The geometry of our eBIG.NINE as well as eBIG.SEVEN follow one very simple principle: as sporty as possible, as comfortable as necessary. You ride to work in the morning but rather often fancy a little off road de-tour on the way home? No problem – that is what these bikes are made for!


A eBIG.NINE / eBIG.SEVEN is your perfect partner for sporty day-to-day usage due to its geometry and riding character. Commuting to the office, short spins after work, relaxed day in the saddle at the weekend. Something as useful as a kick stand should not be missing.


The bigger the wheel, the better the ability to roll over rough ground, the cushioning and stability…however: a smaller wheel is easier to accelerate and is usually stiffer. Our eBIG.NINE and eBIG.SEVEN can cater for both – you decide what’s right for you!


Cables and hoses – what you can’t see doesn’t effect the clean lines our sporty eMTBs. Only a clever system for our internal guiding and fixing guarantees reliable and rattle free routing. All in place with our ‘Smart Entry’ system and all ready for your next worry free trip.


100mm up front offers lots of comfort while having plenty of reserves when you choose a more ‘off road’ route home. Ultimately eMTBs encourage the rider to go ‘off the beaten track’ whenever possible.


The battery of the STePS E8000 is perfectly integrated into the hydroformed down tube and delivers an impressive 500Wh for never ending trips – the perfect aggregate for the trusted E6000 motor, which impresses commuter and sporty riders with its perfect balanced power delivery.



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