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BIG.NINE TEAM in What Mountain Bike


BIG.NINE TEAM in What Mountain Bike

The test crew from UK magazine What Mountain Bike have been playing with the BIG.NINE TEAM for the last few months and have just published their findings on our top end race hardtail.

The tester pointed out the race bike typical top end spec, the various technical features (like Flex Stays, internal cable routing), the modern geometry and above all the impressive weight.

‘Being such a light bike, clearly our first port of call involved a steep climb. And, well, simply put there’s simply no getting around the fact that riding a 29er weighing under 9kg makes climbing feel effortless…’


‘We were worried the BIG.NINE could suffer from twitchiness on the descents but thanks to the decent geometry, short stem and wider bars, you feel confident when pushing the limits. You can even fit a dropper post to the BIG.NINE, which would really open up the ability to push it hard on the descents…’


'Crazy light and brutally fast, but beware – the BIG.NINE takes no prisoners.'

Read the full review (from the May 2017 issue) here.

For further details on our new BIG.NINE concept please click here.