Team Lampre-MERIDAPress Camp 2014

After last year’s premiere, the integration of the UCI WorldTour TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA into the MERIDA Press Camp has now already become an integral part of the annual season prelude on Majorca. In order to participate in the Mallorca Challenge, the pro riders were already present on the biggest Balearic Island. So material sponsor MERIDA made use of this fortunate circumstance and invited 329 guests this year to stay for several days in the immediate vicinity of the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA. Among the numerous guests who had followed this 2014 invitation to Alcudia in the north of Majorca were altogether 119 TV, radio and print journalists from 25 countries – “Size and character of our event are and stay truly unique,” Andreas Rottler (MERIDA Director of Sport Marketing) did state also after this year’s round of the Press Camp. Again, MERIDA was supported by a highly competent partner: With the four-star hotel “Iberostar Playa de Muro”, Bicycle Holidays Max Hürzeler is in the position of providing an infrastructure matching the dimensions of the event more than adequately.

The World Champion and his bike

No matter if event dinner, press conference or material tests, two protagonists undisputedly were in the centre of everything: Road World Champion Rui Costa and his aero bike REACTO EVO CF TEAM. The bright rainbow-coloured stripes on Rui Costa’s jersey and bike outshined the complete event

– much to the joy of not only the many international journalists but also and especially of the Lampre leader team around Brent Copeland (Team Manager) as well as of William Jeng (MERIDA Senior Vice President) who had specifically come from the company headquarters in Yuanlin (Taiwan). But the reigning World Champion reacted in a very relaxed as well as patient way to the bustle around his person and his working tool (e. g. during the press conference especially arranged for him). And “just besides” his racing and training miles, he also absolved the on-site shooting for the current MERIDA TV spot completed on Majorca.

MERIDA Family Spirit

“As especially positive also this year – besides the fortunately superb weather – we again are able to credit the familiar atmosphere among our pro riders.” Andreas Rottler (MERIDA Director of Sport Marketing) is delighted that the squads of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM and of the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA have obviously grown together after just one year. The pro athletes spend some time together, train collectively and push each other in social networks. “This is exactly what MERIDA has already been representing for years in form of the MTB team: Professional and successful racing under the level of knowledge that all the necessary efforts can be fun as well,” he describes the MERIDA spirit. And this spirit brings about high motivation for many an athlete – as proven by the road-racing pros’ successful start into the new season.


Team Lampre-MERIDAPress Camp 2013

For the first time in the company’s history, MERIDA has stepped into the global spotlight as a supplier and co-sponsor of a UCI WorldTour team at the beginning of February. More than 340 people attended TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA’s official Press Camp on Majorca – amongst them 140 journalists from 26 countries. Numerous editors of daily newspapers and well-reputed special interest magazines were participating as did radio and TV reporters from all over the world.

To festively present the team in its flashy fuchsia, blue and green kit all the guests were shuttled to the venerable „Es Turo“ finca close to the Northern Majorcan town of Alcudia. After a short „get together“ around an impressively sized fire in the finca’s atrium, the official program of the evening started. Both MERIDA and its team partner Lampre contributed to the following presentation. Lampre’s general manager Emanuele Galbusera and MERIDA’s senior vice president William Jeng acted like a well-trained team, giving all attendees an impressive and lasting idea why Lampre with its more than 20 years of experience in racing and MERIDA with its 41 years of manufacturing expertise are going to be such a powerful team within the WorldTour circus. „Not only is MERIDA Taiwan’s second biggest bicycle manufacturer, we are also one of the most experienced being founded in 1972“, MERIDA’s senior vice president William Jeng stressed. „On the other hand, Lampre and the Galbusera family are partners that have been supporting cycling for numerous years not for self-serving goals, but based on conviction and passion. For MERIDA, this is an impressive and powerful partner.“

The same convinced enthusiasm also was writ large in the faces of all riders of TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA when they were called to appear on stage one by one after two documentaries full of images of success of both Lampre and MERIDA.

First the riders grouped around their official workhorse, the MERIDA SCULTURA that had been presented a while ago already. But then a futuristic, sleek projectile made its way to the stage as well: MERIDA’s WARP TT time trial that had originally not been scheduled to be revealed before the next day.

This special bike that will be used by TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA in all individual and team time trials in the coming months with over 120 races was at the centre of the next morning’s product presentation. MERIDA Europe’s head of development Jürgen Falke went into the details in the conference room of the four-star Iberostar Playa de Muro. More then 140 journalists were attending, attentively noting all the facts about the WARP TT that had been successfully passing its last tests in the wind tunnel just a few days before the Press Camp started. One of the highlights of this time trial machine is its patent pending „Modular Head“ system: This allows for a simple and efficient adjustment of the handlebar position within the stem, thus allowing for the best possible adaption of the machine to its pilot. „And that is a key element on the way to posting fastest times on the road“, as MERIDA’s head of R&D Jürgen Falke points out.

As soon as the presentation was finished, the attending journalists were invited to get a first hand experience of the equipment the professional athletes ride, and the weather was perfect to do so. While the road bikes specifically designed for TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA’s needs – apart from the WARP TT there are two more projects in the pipeline – are scheduled to be officially presented to the global audience later on in the season, the media already got a chance to experience how well MERIDA’s bicycles suit the team’s ambitious goals at the beginning of February.