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TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA is going into its fourth season. Everything started on the 1st January 2013 when one of the most established and long running teams in the world of professional road racing paired up with one of the largest and equally established bike manufacturers of the planet. TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA was born. Only shortly after this formation it started to become clear that a great future would lie ahead. Since the launch TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA has enjoyed one of the most successful periods in LAMPRE’s long standing history and everything is pointing towards a successful future.

With a long standing history of supporting some of the best racers in the world, gained by looking back at over a decade of working with the riders of the most successful mountain bike team in the world – MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM – MERIDA’s engineers and product development teams know how to help the riders to reach their full potential.   

But this relationship goes both ways. We don’t just supply our teams with the best possible material, we also benefit hugely from the countless hours or training and racing under the toughest conditions, and the detailed feedback and years of experience which we incorporate not just into our team level bikes but also into the wider MERIDA range.

For 2016 the team has once again an array of bikes to their disposal – so that for every course, for every discipline and for every condition they have the right tool for the job. Our award winning lightweight flagship the SCULTURA TEAM is once again the bike when lightness and comfort is at the top of the list. The REACTO TEAM will accompany the riders when aerodynamics and sprintability is the order of the day and for time trials the lightning fast WARP TT will come out in full force. Depending on the movements of the UCI with regards to banning disc brakes in the peloton due to safety issues, the riders will be (or maybe not) able to choose the brand new SCULTURA DISC for racing in particularly demanding conditions of the high mountains, in wet weather or to simply benefit from the improved braking power and modulation modern disc brakes offer.

Apart from the official MERIDA website you can find further details on the official team website as well as keep up-to-date with the latest race action on facebook and on twitter.


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