From analog to electric – a master in the field of enduro

Spanish enduro racer Toni Ferreiro has been able to impress the competition in 2016 and 2017 during various rounds of the EWS (Enduro World Series) and is an established part of the MERIDA crew on board the test and award-winning eONE-SIXTY and ONE-SIXTY. 

A decorated European and national champion in the downhill and enduro disciplines, Toni grabs every opportunity to get between the tapes, let it be at a 'classic' enduro race like selected rounds of the EWS or the 'electrified' cousin, the EWS-E. When not racing or getting ready for competitions, Toni spends lots of time creating inspiring video content as well as supporting our R&D team on anything related to e-enduro and long travel full suspension.

Since joining MERIDA, Toni has shown a keen interest in the ever-growing e-enduro market and can be seen using his beloved eONE-SIXTY for specific e-enduro training or making use of the fact that the 'built-in shuttle service' of the eONE-SIXTY gives him more opportunities to hone his 'analogue' enduro skills. Toni is a super stylish rider who will never give up and knows how to be fast on almost every track.