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Voluntary and precautionary callback: MERIDA S-PRESSO of MYs 2008–2012

Voluntary and precautionary callback: MERIDA S-PRESSO of MYs 2008–2012

As a responsible-minded manufacturer of high-quality products, MERIDA inspects all model families meticulously also after their sales launch. Only this guarantees the long-lasting safety and reliability of our premium bikes. In the context of these intensive quality controls (internal and external) with regard to construction and production, we have decided for a voluntary and precautionary callback of our MERIDA S-PRESSO of the Model Years 2008 to 2012. Although these bikes are fully compliant with all relevant testing standards, it might be possible that the connection between the fork head and the fork blades/legs loosens during cycling under unfavourable circumstances. This might cause a crash or fall with possibly severe consequences.

We have already informed your authorized MERIDA retailer about this callback action – she/he is expecting the prompt replacement of your bike’s fork. Please notice: Your MERIDA S-PRESSO is regarded as being not safe to operate until the fork has been replaced.

Therefore we urgently advise you to have the respective construction element replaced. You as a MERIDA customer of course do not have to bear any costs for this. You equally can be sure that our authorized retail partners provide replacement forks with matching look for the respective models. Please contact your authorized MERIDA retailer to check and arrange the practical procedure for the replacement of the respective fork. On this occasion, please hold ready the serial number of your S-PRESSO.

At this point, we would like to formally apologize for any inconveniences and simultaneously do assure you that we carry on making every effort to provide you as a MERIDA customer exclusively with proven and tested quality.

Thank you very much for your trust and confidence!