Already since Model Year 2013, MERIDA has been trusting in “Virtual Pivot Kinematics” (VPK) in the case of MTBs with more than 120 mm suspension travel at the rear. As chassis construction basing on a rear stay with a virtual pivot point, VPK combines an ultra-sensitive response characteristic with maximum drivetrain neutrality. The chassis always stays completely active even under full brake load and delights also with a minimum of bobbing during pedalling. In combination with the new wheelset dimension of 27.5”, the members of our MERIDA R&D department have scored the next great success in the All-Mountain fully sector for Model Year 2014: The ONE-FORTY-B is the systematic further development of our 140 mm bike on cutting-edge technology level.

In full compliance with the new MERIDA brand claim “MORE BIKE”, our ONE-FORTY-B indeed offers much more than its 26” predecessor: Thanks to the larger wheelset diameter (+ 25 mm), the new All-Mountain fully features e. g. longer chain stays which extend the rear stay’s effective suspension travel to 145 mm – of course in brilliant harmony with the robust 150 mm suspension fork*. Due to this excellent combination, our new ONE-FORTY-B shows a potent and well-balanced handling performance in every imaginable situation. After test rides arranged in advance during the MERIDA Press Camp on Majorca island in early 2013, this was already confirmed by competent experts: The German MountainBIKE magazine attested “enduro character” and “great riding fun” (MB 5/13) while the bike magazine (Germany) added the “convincing running smoothness” of the ONE-FORTY-B (bike 4/13).

As a characteristic representative of the All-Mountain MTB category, the ONE-FORTY-B is mainly designed for downhill riding. Nevertheless, its well-balanced construction is optimally suitable for climbing as well. To achieve an optimum geometry for this impressive mix, the MERIDA R&D experts have devised and tested countless constructions – simultaneously supported by just as many meticulous test rides on typical All-Mountain terrain. Important conclusion: The stem length defines the handling performance of an AM fully – especially for maximum downhill control, a short stem is absolutely essential. All frame sizes of our ONE-FORTY-B hence feature a stem length of only 60 mm; in return, the top tube is much larger now compared to the predecessor. The superb handling is complemented by the flat steering angle of only 67° which delights trail-surfing AM riders with excellent and super-safe tracking. During challenging uphills, the steep seating angle of 73° allows the highly effective power transfer to the pedals.


The MERIDA engineers have integrated two decisive innovations into the heart of the ONE-FORTY-B concept: An intelligent solution for cable and wire routing as well as a modified chain stay guard. The latter does not only offer genuine all-round protection for the very first time (a really essential advantage for AM riders on difficult terrain): It also provides precise gear cable routing in rearward direction. At the same time, the new solution also saves two sockets for cable retainers – less a question of weight reduction than one of a clean look.

“Clean” is also the capital heading of the great novelty revealed by our new ONE-FORTY-B as soon as the bike is turned upside-down: Compared to the 2013 model, all cables with the exception of the brake tube are optimally protected by precise routing inside the frame. Directly below the bottom bracket, the connections run through a reliably locked but big and easily accessible opening. Besides the preparation for seat posts lowerable by remote control (also “stealth” versions can be installed), the MERIDA R&D department has equipped the new 27.5” fully with a shifter cable divided into three parts. This intelligently engineered element does not only offer visual advantages: Thanks to a special double-stop solution directly before and after the bottom bracket, the shifter cable follows a defined line when the rear stay moves due to deflection. This avoids ugly lacquer scratches caused by friction as well as bothersome “ghost shifting” (unintentional shifting under load) very effectively.

Elegant and functional

The “Virtual Pivot Kinematics” rearstay of the ONE-FORTY-B is more than just a visual highlight: It guarantees an outstanding chassis performance.

Cleaned up

Hidden from direct view, always immune against dirt and water – but with optimal access: The ONE-FORTY-B’s new cable routing does set benchmarks.

Short and superb

Short stems provide maximum trail fun. As a consequence of this fact, MERIDA equips all frame sizes of the ONE-FORTY-B with a 60 mm cockpit.