Novelties 2014MERIDA WARP TT


Carbon offers bike builders many advantages; one decisive aspect is that carbon-fibre structures can be turned into almost all imaginable shapes. This fact was successfully utilized by MERIDA with regard to the development of our new WARP TT – because since we have announced our UCI WorldTour commitment as the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA’s title and material sponsor, especially one objective has been clear from the outset: A top-level road racing team needs a complete armada of top-level working tools – including one of the world’s fastest TT machines.

The MERIDA R&D specialists have drawn, constructed, tested and dismissed many various ideas for months. Because the UCI (International Cycling Union) has strict rules and standards for the official authorization of competition bikes: For example, the length-width-ratio of all frame parts must not extend a relation of 3:1 – an essential factor regarding tube cross-sections with optimum aerodynamics. The solution: Sophisticated “Fastback” profiles whose cut drop shape allows optimal and turbulence-free passing of the incoming air. Countless tests in the wind tunnel finally resulted in the WARP TT’s cutting-edge frame design. But even more than that: The meticulous aerodynamic analysis also revealed that the remarkably broad fork with its blade distance of more than 60 mm performs optimally in terms of air resistance. Both fork blades as well as the front wheel are hit separately by the inflow; this avoids negative effects caused by the overlap of individual airflows. And, the achieved optimum value for the frontal inflow is not in the least affected by the front brake fixed via two bolts. Because MERIDA trusts in the newly established standard which provides perfect brake integration into the fork and guarantees an always optimum brake performance in comparison to many special solutions or in-house developments.

But our WARP TT does not only offer excellent aerodynamics: All cables are precisely routed inside the frame while the BB90 bottom bracket standard is fully compatible to established systems for performance measurement. The integrated seat post clamp (incl. post with flip-flop clamping) and the adjustable dropouts show our eye for detail. An integrated steering lock in the lower section of the “Tapered Steerer” (increasing from 1” to 1 1/8”) prevents fork and handlebar from colliding with the carbon main frame.


Despite all those intelligent details, especially its impressive versatility characterizes our new WARP TT as a truly unique TT machine: To triumph reliably in the tough fight for seconds, maximally efficient bike design is just not enough – because the pilot’s individual position defines the total air resistance. With respect to this, many days of wind-tunnel testing with rider dummies and the pro athletes of the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA revealed a potential up to 10 %.

Also our new WARP TT features the “Modular Head” system known from the previous MERIDA model TIME WARP. To match each rider’s individual demands by providing the best possible position for each required application, the cockpit offers three options for vertical installation: Thanks to the special “Modular Head” inserts, the handlebar unit can be positioned optimally at “0”, “+30 mm” or “+60 mm”. But besides these basic settings, especially the cockpit itself represents the WARP TT’s well-thought-out secret: This genuine in-house development of our German R&D competence centre enables thousands of individual adjustment positions. Two available base bar versions (width: 400 or 420 mm) provide a solid basis whose offset (35 respectively 15 mm) can be adjusted up- or downwards thanks to the highly functional flip-flop construction. The stem extends and complements the WARP TT’s top tube in a very elegant way; via Andy Muff’s patented ISA adjustment system, the base bar can be mounted with a length adjustment of 90, 100 or 110 mm. Furthermore, a complete Di2 solution can be installed inside the stem where all brake and shifter cables meet and are therefore not visible from the outside. The direct interface between handlebar and rider is optimally adjustable, too: The forearm rests as well as the extensions provide almost unlimited adjustment possibilities.

Ready to attack

The WARP TT’s front end is uncompromisingly created for superb aerodynamics. Example: “Direct Mount” brakes slip through the wind optimally.

Clever clamping

Each detail counts: Thus the WARP TT features an integrated saddle clamping concept which does not cause any turbulences.

Countless options

Our “Modular Head” plus a variable stem and a specifically constructed handlebar: The WARP TT offers the TT athlete almost unlimited possibilities for finding the optimal aero position.