3. mai 2023

Bikeradar takes the ONE-FORTY 6000 for long-term test

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We're very pleased that Bikeradar has selected the ONE-FORTY 6000 as one of their long-term test bikes, with Senior Technical Editor Tom Marvin picking the carbon-framed all-mountain machine as his go-to bike for the year ahead and scoring it an impressive 4.5/5. The bike will be used and updated over the next twelve months, with the rider documenting his experiences on the bike plus any changes to the spec both in MBUK magazine and online at Bikeradar.

Offering his reasons for picking the bike, Tom said that it "represents what can only be described as ‘really good value for money’, in my opinion", but he also chose the bike for its suspension and handling prowess. Thanks to the new FAST kinematic suspension, which uses a flexstay design plus size-tuned leverage ratios, he particularly liked the calm response to pedalling, saying that "there aren’t many mountain bikes, especially aimed at the trail market, that are so stable under regular pedalling forces".

The new AGILOMETER sizing that, along with our progressive geometry, gives stable and confidence-inspiring handling was also singled out, with Tom saying that the bike is "a complete weapon in steep tech. It feels unshakeable...".

We're looking forward to further updates on the bike throughout the year, but you can read the latest update about the ONE-FORTY 6000 on Bikeradar here.

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The bike tested is the 2022/23 ONE-FORTY 6000.