20. feb. 2019

TOUR rates out REACTO DISC TEAM with 1.5 score!


German road bike magazine TOUR put a comprehensive test of the latest road machines together and included the REACTO DISC TEAM-E. The test team gathered twelve of the latest racing bikes in issue 3-2019 to find out which is the best.

They included disc and non-disc bikes, aero and super lightweight frames as well as mechanical and electronic drivetrains, a real showcase of what is available in today’s crowded road bike market.

Our team replica of the BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team REACTO DISC TEAM-E made it into the test and stormed right to the top of the ranking with an impressive 1.5 score. The highest score (as far as we can remember) a MERIDA road bike ever received in TOUR.

The test crew were impressed with the impressive aerodynamic, the astonishing comfort for an aero bike, the riding characteristics and the ‘no compromise here’ components.

The verdict (translated from the German original):
‘‘Pro-road bikes’ are a synonym for bikes that represent what is possible – the ‘non-plus-ultra’. The REACTO DISC in the replica design of the BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team is a real pro-bike. If it is the ‘non-plus-ultra’ there are always different opinions. The fact it fulfils the highest requirements is no question. Stiff and relatively light is the carbon frame anyway, and on top of that, rather comfortable for an aero frame. In combination with the streamline designed bar and stem unit from Vision and the deep section carbon rims allows the REACTO to almost go to the very top of the wind tunnel ratings. Looking at the weight, the REACTO pays the same price as all disc bikes. The REACTO is also available with rim brakes, reducing the weight to below 7kg. Measured by the technical level and in comparison, with other ‘pro-road bikes’, the REACTO is relatively ‘cheap’.’

+ Very good aerodynamic
+ Comfortable for an aero bike
+ Stable riding characteristics
+ Spec package without any compromises

To find out more about the REACTO DISC TEAM-E, including geometries, technical features and complete spec list, please click the link below.

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