16. feb. 2021

eONE-SIXTY 8000 ‘very good’ in MOUNTAINBIKE E-MTB review

Besides looking at our NINETY-SIX RC 9000 in the race full-suspension test on the March issue of Germany’s MOUNTAINBIKE magazine, the editorial team also included our eONE-SIXTY 8000 in the ‘E-MTB stars of the season’ feature. Similarly to its human-powered race full-suspension cousin, the eONE-SIXTY 8000 was also given the first-class rating of ‘very good’.

Our eONE-SIXTY convinced with a ‘beautifully crafted carbon frame’ and ‘with a compact, yet sporty geometry’. The slack steering angle provides a lot of ‘smoothness, while the compact rear end delivers playfulness’. The EP8 motor from Shimano is dynamic and strong even in the lower speed range. With Lezyne front lights, the eONE-SIXTY is also perfect for night riding.


  • Dynamically powerful motor, large battery
  • Great geometry, successful handling
  • Sporty, agile character

The complete article can be found in the current issue of MOUNTAINBIKE (03/2021).

For the detailed spec sheets and frame features of the new eONE-SIXTY 8000, please click the link underneath DISCOVER THE BIKE.

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