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A smooth and reliable dropper post with added suspension for comfort.

The MERIDA TEAM TK is an innovative combination of dropper and suspension seatpost that was designed for trekking and city bikes.

A dropper post offers instant saddle-height adjustment at the push of a button, allowing you to fine-tune your ride position on the move and hop more easily on or off your bike. It comes supplied with an easy to use remote lever that mounts on your handlebars, meaning any adjustments can be made safely whilst riding. The added suspension gives 40/50 mm of comfort to keep you riding for longer.

The twin-bolt design is easy to use, requires low maintenance and offers plenty of adjustability.

The TEAM TK dropper post is available in 100 mm or 120 mm options.

MERIDA TEAM TK SEATPOST set up: The MERIDA TEAM TK SEATPOST can be adjusted to match rider weight.

The valve under the seat clamp allows the pressure in the post to be adjusted between 170 and 300 psi using a shock pump. The air pressure should be based on the following settings and adjusted for rider preference:

50-75 kg: 200-230 psi 75-100 kg: 230-260 psi 100-125 kg: 260-300 psi

Länge361 mm400 mm
Durchmesser30.9 mm30.9 mm
Travel100 mm120 mm