1 Oct 2019

The new eOne-Forty - video

Meet the latest addition to our e-mountain bike line-up, the new eOne-Forty. The eOne-Sixty's smaller brother shares many of its features and characteristics, but significant changes in the geometry and spec deliver a very different ride.

Where the eOne-Sixty is more enduro focused, the eOne-Forty has a lower front and the steeper seat angle, enhancing its climbing abilities. It's at home on long, demanding uphills as well as testing downhills and singletracks. The bike has a playful character that's precise and fast. The built-in Shimano STePs motor renders the most demanding of climbs an easy endeavour, differentiating this model from its non-motorised counterpart.

See how the bike handled on the twisty singletrack at the recent Merida Ex in our latest video.


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