STRIPE Classic

Green, black

A stylish and simple bottle for bikes of all kinds.

The MERIDA BOTTLE STRIPE is an easy to use bottle with a wide opening to make cleaning and filling hassle-free. It is 100% LDPE/BPA-free and available with or without cap and in 3 sizes - 500, 680 or 760 ccm. The STRIPE comes in 5 colours.

Item-No.2123003637 w/o cap2123003648 w/o cap2123003659 w/o cap2123003875 incl. cap2123003886 incl. cap2123003897 incl. cap212300363721230036482123003659212300387521230038862123003897
Volume500 ccm680 ccm760 ccm500 ccm680 ccm760 ccm500 ccm680 ccm760 ccm500 ccm680 ccm760 ccm
Offset0 mm0 mm15 mm15 mm15 mm0 mm
Weight53 g67 g69 g61 g75 g77 g53 g67 g69 g61 g75 g77 g