Bottle TRANSPARENT Classic

Transparent, red

A stylish and simple bottle for bikes of all kinds.

The MERIDA BOTTLE TRANSPARENT is an easy to use bottle with a wide, opening to make cleaning and filling hassle-free. It is 100% LDPE/BPA-free and available with or without cap and in 3 sizes. The STRIPE comes in 3 different coloured logo prints.

Item-No.2123003789 w/o cap2123003790 w/o cap2123003808 w/o cap2123003994 incl. cap2123004003 incl. cap2123004014 incl. cap212300378921230037902123003808212300399421230040032123004014
Volume500 ccm680 ccm760 ccm500 ccm680 ccm760 ccm500 ccm680 ccm760 ccm500 ccm680 ccm760 ccm
Weight53 g67 g69 g61 g75 g77 g53 g67 g69 g61 g75 g77 g