Keep in mind that every kind or every type of bike or pedelec, referred to as category in the following, is designed for a specific use. Be sure to use your MERIDA bike or pedelec only according to its intended use, as it may otherwise not withstand the stress, fail and cause an accident with unforeseeable consequences! If you use your bike for another than its intended purpose the warranty will become void. 

The category of your MERIDA bike or pedelec is indicated on the orange-colored sticker on the top tube.
Keep in mind: The higher the category of your MERIDA bike or pedelec the greater is the direct influence of your riding skills on the service life of your MERIDA bike or pedelec. Even in a terrain that is approved for MERIDA bike or pedelec defects may occur as a result of riding mistakes. And even if the jump height is lower than the one indicated for the respective category, your MERIDA bike or pedelec may be affected by defects due to a lack of riding technique or an insufficient con- dition of the trail.




MERIDA bikes and pedelecs of the category “Road“ are intended for use on public roads and cycle lanes with tarred surface, whereas the wheels remain in constant contact with the ground. MERIDA bikes and pedelecs of this category are not intended for use as touring and travel bike. Observe the traffic rules in force when riding on public roads.

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