Sep 23, 2022


It's the untamed evolution of the enduro and all-mountain bike: the all-new ONE-SIXTY and ONE-FORTY. Having undergone the longest and most rigorous development and testing program of any MERIDA model to date, these two new machines are the most advanced and feature-packed mountain bikes we’ve ever made, designed to work in perfect harmony with the rider to allow you to push further and harder than ever before.

The ONE-SIXTY is our longer travel bike, aimed at the serious enduro rider and racer or anyone that needs maximum performance and dependability in rugged terrain, with the ability to take on the toughest and roughest descents and climbs. 

The ONE-FORTY is aimed squarely at today’s do-it-all trail rider, where all-mountain prowess needs to be balanced with lighter-weight uphill ability.     

While these two bikes are aimed at different riders, they both deliver a huge number of shared innovations thanks to our all-new long travel platform design, which is available both in carbon fibre CF and aluminium LITE. No matter which is picked, they both share their geometry, design and the vast majority of their features.

These bikes introduce our new FAST kinematic suspension platform, which marries a lightweight flexstay design to a size-tuned progression and with the ability to run the bikes as a full 29” or mixed ‘mullet’ 29/27.5” setup.

It also introduces our reach-based AGILOMETER sizing, which uses short stack and standover heights plus our 30-230 mm infinitely travel adjustable MERIDA TEAM TR dropper post on every size to allow riders to choose their handling feel, independently of leg length.

The geometry has also been radically overhauled, with a much broader range of reach figures throughout the five sizes each bike is offered in, ranging from the bijou Extra Short up to a mighty Extra Long. That’s combined with progressive super steep seat tube angles for tenacious climbing performance and slack head angles for calm and collected behaviour in the face of trail chaos.

And to top it all off, there are a whole host of other features that boost usability and reliability to new heights; with integrated tool and storage options, easy-to-maintain features and so many other cool things we’d need another sheet of A4 to list them all. Do other bikes in the market have these features? Yeah, sure - but none of them has all these features in one bike.

Our new sizing system, suspension kinematic and progressive geometry concept delivers the performance you want, married to the perfect fit, with all the features you’ll ever need, freeing you to focus on the trail ahead. No more compromise, just the untamed evolution of the mountain bike.

To find out more about the ONE-SIXTY, head to the micro page here.

To learn all about the ONE-FORTY, head to the micro page here.

We'd also suggest you check out the development video below, to learn about how our team created these new bikes.

For more information on availability and pricing in your region, contact your national MERIDA distributor here.