Feb 17, 2023

Marius Røren joins MERIDA’s athlete roster.

The MERIDA athlete roster has a new addition, with Norwegian-born Marius Røren joining our group of international athletes. Marius got into cycling as a joint-friendly way of getting fit, but the cycling addiction soon caught up with him, and he moved from a steady but dedicated rider in his early days to a daily rider.

Marius mixes commuting with road riding, gravel explorations and mountain bike trail sessions, all documented with some amazing cycling photography and inspirational posts, created with the help of his wife, all of which helped bring him to our attention. As well as the health benefits, cycling helps Marius to clear his mind and spend quality time with family and friends. It’s his love for all aspects of cycling and enthusiasm to share that make him an excellent ambassador for MERIDA and the sport of cycling as a whole.

Besides spending long training and commuting miles on his bike, Marius has also been involved in a number of races and events, including the famous Jotunheimen Rundt, a 430 km road race through the heart of Norway that is as challenging as it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Besides continuing to create beautiful content for his social media channels, Marius has a busy racing and event calendar for 2023, packed with some road races in Norway, gravel competitions like the Flatlands 300 in the Netherlands and mountain bike events like the Birkin back in his home country. We wish him good luck for the upcoming season and look forward to some beautiful imagery.

To follow Marius, check out his Instagram account - @milsliter.