Feb 26, 2023

Behind the brand: Tim Holch, Lead Engineer

If you’ve ever wondered who the people behind your MERIDA bike are, then our new series aims to show you just that. While we all have very different roles in the company, we’re a team of dedicated and keen cyclists, with everything from die-hard enduro racers to big-mile gravel adventurers in our ranks. We’ve asked each person to pick a MERIDA bike that's special to them and explain why, as well as telling us a little about themselves too.

First up, we have Tim Holch, our lead engineer. Tim is responsible for making sure that all our bike designs work as they should and that they can move from design to manufacture without any issues. His primary focus is on our mountain bike range, but he’s working closely with the designers and product managers on all kinds of projects. 

Which part of his job does he love the most? “Being involved in the whole process, from the first idea to the prototype, the final product and also being involved in all the testing. Always a pleasure with our good team!”

Tim’s bike is a pretty special one for him: “This was one of my first projects for MERIDA. It's the latest BIG.TRAIL TFS and this frame was the very first prototype. That's why I think none of these parts has anything to do with the stock spec. I've owned a lot of steel hardtails before, so I really like hardtails. Colour? I got them all on this bike. Take a look at the @mountainbike.stuttgart topcap and also the Dosenbierhalter from @teamdosenbier. Believe it or not, but the beer still tastes perfect after all the trail riding. Cheers!”

As well as this bike being important to him for those reasons, it’s also the one he reaches for when it comes to after-work laps, he says: “Especially when riding in winter! It performs best on the last trail before the after-ride beer”.

While he enjoys hammering mountain bikes on his local trails in Stuttgart or further afield in the Alps, Tim is a keen rider of all kinds of bikes. He also enjoys pushing his limits with extremely long endurance rides over 200 km, whether on road or gravel because, as he puts it, “it’s mostly a mental game!”.

When he’s not busy suffering for fun or riding his local trails, his favourite riding spot is Finale Ligure in Italy. The reason why is a simple one: “because of the combination of the quality of trails, the weather and of course the 'dolce vita'”.

Tim does dream of further-flung trail destinations too though: “I would like to go to New Zealand to check out those fantastic trails in the future. But in a nutshell, I like to explore and you can explore everywhere, even in the forest near your hometown.”

Of course, with an interest in so many different riding disciplines, the BIG.TRAIL isn’t the only bike in Tim’s garage. He has a new ONE-SIXTY as his big mountain toy, but he also owns a SCULTURA ENDURANCE for his everyday riding plus a REACTO for flat-out road speed. “Of course, there is also a SILEX, when the Gravel Gang hits the gravel roads. And maybe some new upcoming prototypes...”

To keep up to date with Tim (and maybe even spot a prototype), follow him on Instagram here. You can also follow the Team Dosenbier project here if you're keen to stay heavily refreshed on the trails with their Can Claw beer can holder.