Aug 18, 2023

The new SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR - ready for gravel racing

With the SCULTURA ENDURANCE as a perfect foundation, we‘ve created a gravel machine that combines speed, agility, comfort and control on any terrain – the new SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR.

It has a steeper head angle, shorter reach and shorter wheelbase for more responsive and race-ready handling. For more control when racing off the road, the SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR has increased tyre clearance, allowing gravel race tyres of up to 35 mm to be fitted. Various geometry and frame aspects, a gravel-specific cockpit and gravel racing-specific tyres make it a race-focused gravel machine.

Lightning-fast acceleration, precise handling, impressive climbing abilities and incredible control on or off the road - welcome to the gravel race-ready SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR.

Check out the in-depth video below and see the bike in action.

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