Jan 13, 2021

The Kristin Atzeni interview

The MERIDA family is a large one that brings together riders from all over the world - and all disciplines of cycling. We've caught up with Kristin Atzeni, one of our sponsored athletes, for a quick interview to see what makes her tick and what she's got planned for the next year.

Who is Kristin Atzeni, and where are you from?
I was born in Germany and have lived in beautiful Switzerland on Lake Zurich for 11 years. Cycling has become the centre of my life here, both privately and professionally.

What do you love most about cycling?
For me, cycling is a way of life. It's family, it's action, rest, therapy and training, no matter what the weather. But I especially love rapid descents; leaning into the bends at an angle and racing down as if liberated.

Where's your favourite place to ride?
Besides various passes, such as the Stelvio, Mont Ventoux and Gotthard Pass, I prefer my beloved Klausen Pass [in the canton of Uri, Switzerland, 1948m above sea level]. But also my daily training rides closer to home in my canton of Schwyz always inspire me anew. I also enjoy cycling in Sardinia, my second home.

What's the most important thing you wish you had known when you started cycling?
That cycling can open up so many possibilities, like growing together into a cycling family. You can have immeasurable fun and feel proud to have outgrown yourself, and that you can strengthen your health so significantly through cycling is something I would not have expected at the time.

What's your favourite MERIDA bike?
The answer is easy! I favour the Merida REACTO and the SCULTURA. The REACTO because the aerodynamics, stiffness and acceleration of the bike are so impressive! With the SCULTURA, it's the extremely low weight and the comfortable ride. Above all - the design and attention to detail of these bikes are always great.

What are your plans for 2021?
My goal is to break the 10,000km mark, something I could not do so last year due to my serious cycling accident. Furthermore, I am planning to organise guided bike tours again in order to inspire even more sports enthusiasts to take up cycling.

You can check out the full REACTO range here and the SCULTURA range here.

To keep up with Kristin and her latest adventures, follow her on:

Instagram: @kristin.atzeni

Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/9761671

Website: www.kristin-atzeni.ch