Jan 24, 2022

Trailbuilding - a MERIDA story

"Without people building trails, there would be nothing to ride" was trail builder Philip's opening statement when we caught up with him out on the trails near Freiburg, Germany. 

We spent a day with him talking trail building culture, going with the flow and why he loves the act of building sustainable and well thought out trails that everybody can enjoy as much as the joy of riding them.

While shovel and scraper are the hands of the trail builder, we also find out how our award-winning eONE-SIXTY is one of the most crucial parts of his job, either when helping him to get his equipment to the trails or making sure that his well-planned trails deliver when it comes to putting smiles onto people's faces. 

Enjoy, and maybe this little video inspires you to see if you can help your local trail building groups keep the trail in tip-top shape and fun to ride. Just make sure you check with the landowner before getting started.


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