Less weight, less drag - and more comfortable too? If you thought it couldn’t be done, then meet the bike that will prove you wrong; the new 2022 SCULTURA V. Building on the unquestioned heritage of our lightweight road bike range, we’ve drastically reduced drag, boosted the comfort to new levels and all while shaving off precious grams to deliver a versatile, World Tour proven, race-winning weapon.

Since its introduction into the MERIDA road line-up, the SCULTURA has embodied lightweight race pedigree. It’s been the go-to bike when outstanding climbing ability was at the top of the agenda while its aero counterpart, the REACTO, has class-leading aerodynamics and pure efficiency covered. For 2022 our SCULTURA has taken what we’ve learned from our test and award-winning REACTO to improve its aero credentials while building on the already impressive comfort. 


Our new SCULTURA is very much aimed at riders and racers who are looking for a lightweight climbing bike with outstanding comfort and impressive aero credentials. With four World Tour stage wins under its belt, the results clearly show the SCULTURA's ability to deliver at the sharp end of the sport. It’s also the perfect partner for ambitious club riders who are looking for the perfect all-rounder with outstanding compliance for their pothole littered training rides. Last but not least, the final rider grouping that will benefit from the SCULTURA are sportive/gran fondo enthusiasts who don’t shy away from a race-proven and more aggressive geometry.


by our World Tour Team Bahrain-Victorious

The impressive improvements in comfort, aerodynamics and weight have already shown outstanding results in the World Tour underneath Team Bahrain-Victorious, winning an impressive four stages before the bike was even released, two stages at Critérium du Dauphiné (Mark Padun), one in the Tour de France (Dylan Teuns) and one in the Vuelta a España (Damiano Caruso). No better proof is needed that this bike has winning genes, right from the start.


Our one-piece cockpit is a key part of the aero improvements of our new SCULTURA CF5 models.

The full carbon one-piece handlebar-stem combination that is exclusively fitted to the SCULTURA 10K, TEAM and 9000 offers outstanding aerodynamics and weight savings (320 g) while giving the rider plenty of control. All cables run through internal lines in the cockpit for a sleek, uncluttered look that reduces drag. It also features our self-designed Garmin mount holder which offers two positions, is completely removable and can also be used as a GoPro mount.


One of the key elements of the new SCULTURA CF5 and CF3 framed models that further improves the aerodynamic performance is the complete cable integration, hiding all cables from view and wind exposure, generating a 2 watt saving (model depending). All cables run through the bar and stem and enter the frame through our WIRE PORT headset.


Two-piece spacer design, that interlocks when clamped but can be separated when the stem is lifted or removed from the steerer. Spacers can be removed without the need to disconnect or cut cables and hoses, making setup fast and easy. The INTEGRATED SPACERS are fitted to the TEAM SL 1P COCKPIT in combination with the WIRE PORT headset on dedicated SCULTURA CF5 models.


The FORCE DIFFUSER is an integral part of the MERIDA TEAM SL 1P COCKPIT and drastically improves the fork steerer tube fatigue life. The metal sleeve of the FORCE DIFFUSER wraps around the carbon steerer in the clamping area and evenly spreads the load generated by the clamping process.


Our latest generation disc coolers, as fitted to the SCULTURA CF5 and CF3 framed models, are further integrated into the frame and fork to minimise aerodynamic drag while reducing the risk of the disc brakes overheating on long and demanding descents. The forged aluminium part under the front and rear disc brake calliper draw heat away through CNC-milled cooling fins, giving 35% less heat build-up and faster temperature reduction for stable braking performance. The latest version features improved access to the bleeding port of the new Shimano 12-speed Flat Mount disc brakes.


A new hidden seatpost clamp on the new CF5 and CF3 framed models helps to keep lines smooth and uninterrupted as well as reducing turbulence around crucial parts of the bike.


The new CF5 and CF3 fork and frame allow tyres of up to 30 mm to be fitted which, besides the increased seatpost extension that gives the post more room to flex, further improves the comfort as well as the road grip of the new SCULTURA.


The direct mount gear hanger fitted to the SCULTURA CF5 and CF3 framed models reduces moving parts at the derailleur end and improves shifting accuracy as well as aiding fast wheel changes.


The new SCULTURA CF5 and CF3 framed models feature a more aggressively sloping top tube, as well as an integrated seatpost clamp. Both combined allowed us to shorten the seat tube by 40 mm, which exposes more post and therefore allows more flex. More flex improves the riding comfort over rough road surfaces and reduces rider fatigue.


The SCULTURA disc brake models feature 12 mm bolt through axles for greater wheel stiffness and precise disc alignment when replacing wheels. The lever (when inserted into the axle) allows easy loosening and tightening of the axle with its 6 mm Allen key. When removed, it works as a 4 mm Alley key, perfect for tightening the seat clamp or the stem bolt.


While the lightweight TEAM SL 1P cockpit is a key element of the CF5 framed models, our CF3 models feature a two-piece combination of an FSA ACR SMR stem and headset with a MERIDA EXPERT SL handlebar that offers almost complete cable integration through the bars and stem and into the frame. The two-piece option offers greater flexibility, adjustability and serviceability, while only making small sacrifices regarding the overall aerodynamic performance and weight.  


Welcome to the 5th generation of the SCULTURA – streamlined race compliance

While weight was always a focus during the development of the new SCULTURA, we wanted to make it much more aerodynamic and even more comfortable to ride than its predecessor. If we were able to achieve these demanding goals, we would be able to keep rider speeds high and body/muscle fatigue low, all while delivering significant improvements over its already impressive predecessor. The target would be to create the most accomplished all-round road bike in our history.

Through adapting aero specific REACTO design features around the head tube and fork area, introducing complete cable integration with our one-piece cockpit, hiding the seatpost clamp and lowering the attachment points of the seat stays we were able to reduce the aero performance of our SCULTURA CF5 and CF3 framed models from the 234.3 watts at 45 kph of its predecessor to an impressive 224.5 watts at 45 kph (model tested SCULTURA TEAM). That is an impressive wattage saving of 4.2%. 

Comfort is often seen as a characteristic only important to ‘leisure’ cyclists rather than serious athletes, but tests have shown that reducing body and muscle fatigue allows riders to ride harder, for longer. By reducing the vertical stiffness from bottom bracket to the saddle by around 38%, (model tested SCULTURA TEAM) increasing the tyre clearance to fit 30 mm tyres and extending the seatpost exposure by 40 mm we were able to equip the new SCULTURA with never seen - or felt - before comfort.