7 nov. 2019

eOne-Forty testé par Wideopen

(text originale: Merida International)


The recent THE MERIDA EX 3-day enduro in Exmoor, UK, did not only attract enduro fans from all over the UK (and further afield) but also was the perfect backdrop to the ‘riding’ launch of the new eONE-FORTY.

UK mountain bike website WideOpen has been a regular at the event and the test team was only too keen to combine some of the nicest trails the South West of the UK has to offer with finding out about some new and exciting MERIDA tech.

Ben from WideOpen is a hard and very demanding enduro racer and he seemed the perfect person to test our mid travel e-trail bike on the ups and downs of Exmoor.

Here a few outtakes from his report:
'The Merida was quiet, planted and pretty smooth, the suspension performing well…’


‘The good news is that it really does have a great climbing position with the 76.5-degree seat angle, 440mm chainstays and short 450mm reach helping to keep the front end planted and the rear tyre digging in when you lay down the watts. You feel quite upright on the bike which I like and the whole affair is very comfortable and civilised. Despite having a climb switch on the rear shock I never felt the need to use it as the shock was supportive enough and I never felt it bobbing.’


‘The small and compact nature of the frame makes it quite easy to lean the Merida over. It certainly feels small beneath you and despite the low mass of the motor and battery, you could flick the bike quickly between turns. The long chainstays in relation to the front centre mean that there is naturally a lot of weight on the front tyre and the bike feels balanced in flat turns and under braking.’

Find out how he got on, what he had to say about our eONE-FORTY and how our new bike helped him to get a 2nd place in the e-bike category, by clicking here.