Internal Blocksystem

Our designers have created an intelligent, lightweight and completely internal solution to protect carbon frames from damage caused by spinning handlebar impact - the ‘MERIDA Internal Blocksystem’. A clamping ring around the fork steerer tube together with blocking inserts in the head tube ensures that handlebars can rotate but stop before they hit the frame.


Internal cable routing perfected: Up to this point, the routing of cables inside frame tubes often had the unwanted side effect that they were able to move and produce noise. Our ‘Smart Entry’ allows the cables to be clamped under tension, resulting in rattle free cables even when it is getting rough. All cable inlets are completely interchangeable to deal with any kind of set up; Di2, hydraulic hoses, brake and gear cable housings etc.

Internal Cable

In particular over the last few years a trend of running more and more cable internally has become bigger and bigger. More and more of our frames have cables routed through the frame – keeping things ‘clean’. The cables enter and exit through smooth sockets giving the bike an uncluttered look while protecting the cables from moisture and dirt..

Double Stop

Internally run cables and hoses are a visual plus for every bike yet a challenge for our designers, as nothing irritates the rider more than the rattling of the internally run cables. ‘Double Stop’ restricts the movement of internal cables in active suspension rear ends by clamping the cables when leaving the front part of the frame.

Down tube Exit

It is not enough to run cables and hoses well protected through the inside of a frame. For easy maintenance and exchange of the cables and hoses, a simple access is useful. With ‘Down Tube Exit’ MERIDA has created a visually pleasing service access in front of the bottom bracket to reach all internal cables and hoses easily.

Flex Stay

We design road and hardtail bikes with stiff rear ends, to reduce weight and to turn every rider-effort into propulsion. But a rigid rear end can transmit bumps back to the rider, affecting comfort and performance. The ‘Flex Stay’ seat and chain stays in our carbon frames have specific profiling which works like a flat spring, absorbing surface bumps and reducing vibrations.

Nano Matrix Carbon

Carbon bikes often have to withstand high impacts and stresses. To protect the integrity of carbon frames MERIDA utilises this premium technology. The carbon fibres are bonded together with an epoxy resin together with added nano particles. These nano particles can increase the impact resistance of a carbon frame by up to 40%. You can find ‘Nano Matric Carbon’ on all our 2017 high-end carbon bikes.

Carbon Fork

Partly developed in conjunction with new carbon frames, our rigid carbon front forks come in all model variants as a full carbon version with steerer and fork legs all made of carbon. MERIDA carbon forks provide superb vibration damping, precise steering and excellent braking and lateral stiffness. Used with rim and disc brakes.

Bio Fiber Damping Compound

MERIDA follows nature’s example when constructing selected carbon components by adding bio-flax-fibres to benefit from their unique characteristics – improved vibration damping. Rear ends of MTB-hardtails or road bikes as well as carbon forks become super comfortable when these natural fibres are added to the normally super stiff carbon matrix.

Naca Fastback Profile

The ‘NACA Fastback’ tube profiles of our WARP, REACTO, SCULTURA and – new – our BIG.NINE and BIG.SEVEN are based on data collected in countless wind tunnel tests. In particular sections the down tube, seat tube and as well as sometimes the seat stays are truncated. Air moves around the tube as though the removed part was still there but saves weight by using less material.

Anti Wrinkle System

Based on its technical merits, carbon fibre offers a huge variety of design and construction possibilities that other materials like for example aluminium don’t. In particular the surface fascinates – but what happens inside? MERIDA uses specific internal forms which reduce the build up of internal wrinkles during the production process significantly. Result: stiffness and durability up, weight down.

X-Taper Headtube

The best of two worlds: externally shaped head tube with bigger diameter at the bottom and weight saving smaller diameter at the top. ‘X-Taper Headtubes’ always come with tapered forks or correct adapters fitted. Result: superb stiffness and precise steering even in the toughest conditions without increasing the weight of the frame unnecessarily.

Prolite 66 - Triple Butted Aluminium

Proven high-end grade of aluminium. Extremely light and durable. These tubes use triple butted wall thicknesses and are matched to the stress profile of each section, allowing not just exciting frame shapes but also giving the best possible stiffness to weight ratio. We always match the amount of material to the stresses and strains each section has to endure – so not a single gram is added unnecessarily.

Superlite 16 Alloy

You can always go lighter…? At least with regards to aluminium the internal competition of the MERIDA developed ‘Racelite 61’ and ‘Prolite 66’ is already immense. But our ‘Superlite 16 Alloy’ pushes the bench mark even further. This new high-end grade of aluminium enables super thin wall thicknesses yet delivers amazing strength – ideal for demanding off-road usage. Used for the first time in 2017 in the rear triangle of the new ONE-SIXTY.

Racelite 61 Aluminium

Known from aerospace engineering, this grade of aluminium with its high strength and low weight is the perfect platform for clever and sensible aluminium frames. MERIDA adds extra heat treatment to improve its material characteristics even further. Through double-butted wall thicknesses, our Racelite 61 aluminium is particularly suitable to produce light, stiff frames.

Hydro Forming System

Its not just an art form to manipulate the outside of an aluminium frame: Contrary to the inwards working mechanical TFS (‘Techno Forming System’) the very complex ‘Hydro Forming’ uses hot oil and forces it through high pressure outwards into forms allowing the creation of very complex tube profiles. Material used: Prolite 6066 and Superlite 6016. Result: Exciting aluminium frames of the highest performance level.

Techno Forming System

Aluminium is, based on its characteristics, like for example low weight, still a highly popular frame material. Through the mechanical shaping process TFS, modern, three dimensional shapes can be realised. The material used: Racelite 6061. Contrary to HFS (’Hydro Forming System’) we use TFS already on entry level frames to improve appearance and functionality.

Smooth Welding

MERIDA aluminium frames should not just perform reliably under all conditions but also impress visually. Our ‘Smooth mWelding’ technology adds a second pass over m the weld, giving the frame a superbly clean organic look. This complex step does not affect the frame stiffness but provides the best platform for exciting frame decors and neat design details.

Disc Cooler

Disc bikes on a road bike are one of the biggest innovations in this segment. Particularly during log descents a road bike benefits from a specific cooling system as it often runs smaller rotors than most mountain bikes. The front brake is sufficiently cooled by the airflow, but as the rear brake is more sheltered, the ‘Disc Cooler’ comes in handy to aid heat dispensation and provide important constant braking performance.

Post Mount Disc

Due to the direct mounting on the ‘Post Mount’ brake mount at the rear drop out, a rub free alignment of the brake in comparison to the IS- System (‘International Standard’) is made much easier. By using different adapters for different rotor sizes, post mount brake systems can be easily adapted to individual preferences and requirements.

C-S Post Mount Disc

‘Chain Stay Post Mount Disc’ – three realisations are hiding behind this technology. First: Within the rear triangle ‘Post Mount’ brake mounts are perfectly protected from impacts. Second: The brake mount is pushing against the chain stays when the brake is applied which is perfect for the distribution of brake forces. Third: Internal cable routing is also easier and neater via the chain stay. Result: A very clean and uncluttered look.

Race Link

Our single-pivot rear suspension system optimised for cross country riding and 1x drivetrains, which can be found exclusively on our NINETY-SIX. Equipped with a super light (80g) carbon rocker, our ‘Race Link’ allows the construction of a light and efficient chassis which runs completely pedal-bob free when run at 25% sag. Sensitive at the beginning of the travel, with a stable platform in the middle and progressive at the end, ‘Race-Link’ works perfectly on the ups and downs.

Float Link

At this powerful suspension system the shock unit is suspended at both ends. The lower shock mount moves together with the system to deliver sensitive response characteristics. Our engineers are able to precisely influence the transmission ratio and progression, which means a ‘Float Link’ rear end feels like more travel than the travel number suggests. Finally the absence of a shock mount on the main frame gives a cleaner look.

Di2 Ready

More and more technology loving road riders and mountain bikers – as well as the professionals of the WorldTour and World Cup use Shimano’s electronic ‘Di2’ shifting system. Always crisp, effortless shifting as well as great reliability are the strengths of this system. Bikes and frames marked with the ‘Di2 Ready’ symbol are perfectly prepared for the installation of Di2 technology – in particular with a battery mounting inside a special seat post.

Thru Axle 12-148 ‘Boost’

Due to the widening of the hub spacing by 6mm, the spoke angles become flatter resulting in a stiffer and stronger wheel. In particular on 29er and 650b+ wheels, and paired with the stiffness increasing attributes of a through axle, this is hugely desirable. Besides that, the wider hubs and cranks with wider bottom brackets push the chain line further outwards and enable extra short chain stays for a more agile geometry.


Thru Axle

Thru axles on the front and rear wheel offer various advantages. Besides increased lateral stiffness they enable a straight forward wheel installation due to a well defined position for the front and rear wheel within the frame – perfect for optimal disc brake rotor alignment. MERIDA uses 12mm thru axles on the rear wheel and 12mm or 15mm on the front wheel.



Ambitious triathletes know the difficulties of finding a position which is not just perfectly aerodynamic but also comfortable, allowing them to finish the second discipline as stress free as possible. The ‘Modular Cockpit’ offers thousands of different options to find the perfect cockpit setup for different courses, level of training or individual preferences.

Flip Flop Head

Aero bikes have to deliver the best possible aerodynamics. Yet at MERIDA, the maximum adjustability comes already in as the second most important point, as superb wind-tunnel data is useless if the rider can‘t position himself optimally. The ‘Flip Flop’ head allows the seat angles of our REACTO and our WARP TT to be optimised and perfectly adjusted to the personal preferences of the rider.


Designing WorldTour bikes is similar to Formula 1 teams: working on apparently nondescript details can result in saving split seconds. That is the reason why our ‘Internal Clamp’ on our WARP TRI and REACTO is more than an optical highlight. Through this special way of clamping the post turbulence at the top tube can be minimised, saving important power reserves.


Rigid rear ends are hard and uncomfortable? Not at MERIDA. Thanks to the ‘S-FLEX’ technology our REACTO and also our BIG.NINE and BIG.SEVEN impress with their riding comfort. The additionally shaped aero seatpost of the REACTO dampens the surface impact through its specific construction. The ‘S-Flex’ enables the MERIDA rider to maintain their power reserves even on the longest of rides.

K-Mount Drop-Out

Our specifically shaped rear brake mount with integrated fixings for a HEBIE kick stand. ‘K-Mount Drop Outs’ offer perfect stiffness when braking – a noticeable safety plus for all MERIDA riders who don’t want to miss the added comfort of a kick stand on their urban or leisure bike.


The nicer the weather the more fun you have riding your bike and vice versa. This simple formula stays true till a nice looking and technically well functioning solution for integrating mud guards on your bike is found. MERIDA bikes with ‘F-Mount’ have fittings for mud guards (some of our models require model specific mud guards) already integrated, making adding them super fast and simple.


A bike can be so much: Leisure partner, sports equipment, simple way of transport…and all these have in common that you might need to carry something. Let it be the briefcase on the way to the office, the daily shop or maybe even your kids on a suitable child seat. The requirement for all of these is a rear rack - MERIDA bikes with a ‘C-Mount’ have fittings for a rear carrier (some of our models require model specific rear carriers) already integrated, making adding one super fast and simple.


LOCKOUT /  Remote Lockout

The suspension fork and/or rear shock can be locked – either directly or via a ‘remote control’ lever on the handlebar. The lockout is the perfect setting for rides on flat, smooth surfaces or in a powerful sprint – so not just for steep climbs. Via our remote lever you will be able to turn the lockout on or off – completely intuitively.


Casting Motor bracket

All E-bikes equipped with the new E-MTB group E8000 like eBIG.TRAIL, eONE-TWENTY and eONE-SIXTY as well as parts of the Bosch motor equipped range benefit from the new ‘Casting Motor Bracket’. This new aluminium casted bracket allows extremely complex shapes combined with very small tolerances resulting in a more integrated look as well as improved performance of the motor.