MERIDA bikes and pedelecs of the category “All Mountain (AM) + Enduro“ are intended for off-road use. Bikes and pedelecs of this category are not only intended for use on trails and technical sections characterised by roots, stones, ditches and loose ground but also in rough terrain with blocked sections.

Jumps on official mountain bike trails with built landings up to a height of 1.2 meters are permitted.

The use in bike parks on suitable trails is permitted as long as the trail is free of construction characteristics for higher categories for which a bicycle of this cate- gory is not approved. In particular jumps carried out by inexperienced riders can result in improper landings. In this case the forces acting on the bike or pedelec may be significantly higher compared to riders with a proper riding technique. This can result in damage and injuries. We recommend that you attend a riding technique course. If you use your MERIDA bike or pedelec regularly in a bike park have it checked by your MERIDA dealer more often than indicated in the service plan.

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