9. jan. 2024

ONE-FORTY 6000 rated "very good" in MOUNTAINBIKE magazine.


In the latest all-mountain test in the German magazine MOUNTAINBIKE (02/2024), our ONE-FORTY 6000 had the chance to prove itself and impressed the editors with its well-rounded and thought-out overall package.

With "fit-for-purpose selected parts" such as a Vario seat post with 230 mm stroke, a Shimano SLX-XT mix and 203 mm brake discs, the ONE-FORTY 6000 is a durable, first-class trail companion. The plush Marzocchi Z1 fork delivers 150 mm at the front and is paired with a Rock Shox rear shock, providing 143 mm of rear travel. The testers also commented on the cool frame details, such as a tool holder under the top tube and a mini tool hidden under the saddle.

The ONE-FORTY's extremely progressive geometry impressed on the trail with its "balanced, dynamic handling", "maximum ride stability" and "always predictable" behaviour. "The bike shows no mercy, especially in rough terrain, remains calm and predictable and is extremely stable," commented the editorial team.  

What the testers particularly liked:
+ Very progressive, extremely long geometry
+ Extremely stable and smooth handling after a little familiarisation
+ Well-designed chassis
+ Not very elegant, but well-chosen and extremely robust parts.

Conclusion by tester Lukas Ittenbach:
"My first test ride on the ONE-FORTY was a real surprise. The unusual geo and the great suspension really get the best out of the bike in rough terrain."

The ONE-FORTY 6000 is ideal for this:
"The great ride makes up for the ONE-FORTY's less sophisticated (but mega-rugged) equipment. If you're looking for maximum trail fun rather than epic touring, this is the bike for you. The very bold geo looks unusual at first but works great."

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Note: Quotes and comments are translated from the German original.