To give you a more reliable and accurate idea of what frame size you need, we have integrated the SMARTFIT sizing tool into our website.

The SMARTFIT sizing tool has a more scientific approach to establishing what size you will need. The calculations are based on scientific algorithms and data from 80,000 body measurements and more than 100,000 bike model datasets.

You can find the tool on every bike page, by clicking the FIND YOUR SIZE link as shown on the right.

The tool takes you through the simple steps and gives you details of how to obtain the various measurements.  

Insert gender and body height

After clicking on the link, you will be asked to provide further details including three different measurements, starting with gender and body height.


To measure your body height:

Without shoes, stand up straight with the back against a wall.

Now measure from the floor to the top of your head.

That’s your body height.

Followed by arm length…

To measure your arm length:

Relax your left arm and with your right hand, slide over your shoulder blade until you find the end of your shoulder bone. Fixate that point with your left hand.

Now measure the distance from that point to your wrist with a tape measure or similar.

That’s your arm length.

…and finished by providing your inside leg length.

To measure inner leg length:

Stand straight up with your back against a wall. Clench a spirit level (or a book) between your legs.

With both hands (one in front of you, the other behind) pull the level (or the book) up between your legs simulating the pressure of sitting on a bike saddle.

The spirit level (or book) should stay level during measurement. Now measure the distance between the level and the ground. That’s your inner leg length.

The SMARTFIT tool calculates the ideal MERIDA frame size for you

Based on these measurements and the MERIDA specific geometries which have been fed into the system, the SMARTFIT tool calculates the ideal MERIDA frame size for you. You will not just be able to see what size the tool recommends, but also where you are within that size. This might be particularly helpful if you think you are between frame sizes.

However, please keep in mind that these sizes are only suggestions and that we always recommend getting further advice from your local MERIDA dealer.

To find out further details about the SMARTFIT tool, please visit the website.