Featuring a high-end CF5 weight-optimised carbon frame heavily inspired by the World Tour proven TIME WARP TT, the TIME WARP TRI LIMITED offers top aerodynamic performance at a more wallet-friendly price point.
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  • *All specifications listed are subject to change without notice. *Recommended Retail Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Racing is in the DNA of our TIME WARP TRI series, and our TRI LIMITED model delivers for the triathlon newcomer as well as for the seasoned racer. Equipped with the super reliable 12-speed Ultegra Di2 drivetrain and ultra-precise Dura-Ace hydraulic disc brakes, the TIME WARP TRI LIMITED delivers on every level. The top-level frame offers outstanding wind-slicing capabilities, while the adjustable armrests allow for a perfect riding position on any course as well as provide outstanding control on even the most demanding of sections. If triathlon is your sport, make the TIME WARP TRI LIMITED your bike.

    Inspired by our World Tour proved TIME WARP TT time trial machine, our triathlon-specific TIME WARP TRI perfectly combined aerodynamics, efficiency and comfort to give you the edge in the middle discipline of your favourite sport. Equipped with easy-to-operate and ultra-reliable disc brakes and the latest high and position adjustable armrests, the TIME WARP TRI lets you find your most efficient position for a variety of courses as well as keeps you fresh and ready to attack your run. A high-end carbon frame, slip-streamed disc brake integration and perfectly incorporated additional storage capacity round up the TIME WARP TRI offering and help to keep weight and aerodynamic drag super low.  

    • Super-light CF5 carbon triathlon frame and fork
    • Vision Metron TC 55 carbon wheelset
    • Hydraulic Shimano Dura-Ace disc brakes with tri-specific levers
    • Vision Metron S-BEND height and position adjustable tri-specific armrests
    • Full cable integration and additional top tube storage bento box
    • Shimano Ultegra 12-speed Di2 drivetrain with tri-specific shifting options
    • material: carbon
    • 700x30C max. wheelsize
    • 100x12/ 142x12 mm axle standard
    • Pressfit 86,5
    frame size XS, S, M, L
    • material: carbon
    • 700x30C max. wheelsize
    derailleur (f) Shimano Ultegra Di2
    derailleur (r) Shimano Ultegra Di2
    shifter front Shimano ST-R9180
    shifter rear Shimano ST-R9180
    brake lever Shimano Dura Ace
    chain Shimano CN-M6100-12
    • 52-36 teeth
    • 165 mm-XS, 170 mm-S, 172.5 mm-M, 175 mm-L
    • 11-30 teeth
    • 12 speed
    • 100x12 mm width front hub
    • 142x12 mm width rear hub
    • 21 mm inner width
    • 55 mm height
    • Centerlock
    • material: carbon
    • Tubeless ready (tubeless tape and valves not included)
    • material: carbon
    • -17° stem angle *
    saddle Prologo ZERO TRI PAS TIROX
    • Total weight of bike, rider and luggage
    Bike Frame Geometry Image
    Frame Size XS S M L
    Tyre Sizes 28" 28" 28" 28"
    ST seat tube [mm] 460 500 540 580
    TT top tube [mm] 490 510 550 570
    CS chain stay length [mm] 415 415 415 415
    HTA head tube angle [°] 71 72 72 72
    STA seat tube angle [°] 77 76 76 76
    BD bottom bracket drop [mm] 55 55 70 70
    HT head tube [mm] 110 130 130 173
    FL fork length [mm] 371 371 371 371
    R reach [mm] 376 381 417 427
    S stack [mm] 496 518 533 574
    WB wheel base [mm] 984 988 1022 1045
    SH stand over height [mm] 752 781 799 838
    No. Item-No. Name Info Pieces Torque NM
    1 A2161003037 BUMPER for steering stop pin 1
    2 A2258000215 CABLE PLUG for rear brake, front brake and Di2 1
    3 A2161000052 STORAGE BOX for top tube 1
    4 A2298000061 SCREW M5x0.8 L15mm 2 3~4
    5 A2300000259 SCREW M6x1 L45mm 2 10~12
    6 A2248000030 CLAMP for saddle rail; right outer part 1
    7 A2248000034 CLAMP for saddle rail; right inner part 1
    8 A2298000148 SCREW M5xP08 L12mm 2 6~8
    9 A2248000035 CLAMP for saddle rail; left inner part 1
    10 A2248000031 CLAMP for saddle rail; left outer part 1
    11 A2161000197 COVER for FLIP FLOP HEAD gap 1
    12 A2029000075 COVER for seatpost 1
    13 A2347000030 COVER for seatpost clamp 1
    14 A2247000155 CLAMP for seatpost 1 4~5
    15 A2136000092 MOUNT for FD 1
    16 A2298000357 SCREW M4x0.7 L16mm 2 4~5
    17 A2322000042 PROTECTOR for chain stay 1
    18 A2311000103 RD HANGER DH-067 for SHIMANO direct mount 1
    19 A2143000155 CABLE PLUG for Di2 1
    20 A2300000129 SCREW M3x0.5 L10mm 1 2~3
    21 A2350001359 FORK 1
    22 A2073000552 SEATPOST L300mm; with FLIP FLOP HEAD 1
    23 A2054000107 EXPANDER for fork steerer ID 23.6mm 1 6~8
    24 A2191000209 HEADSET MERIDA WARP TT (MH-P03/MH-P22) 1
    25 A2002000103 THRU AXLE EXPERT SL; L=120mm M12x1.5 TL=12mm 1
    26 A2298000059 SCREW M5x0.8 L15mm 5 3~4
    27 A2311000104 RD HANGER DH-068 for ROAD-RD 1
    28 A2002000152 THRU AXLE EXPERT SL; L=162.5mm M12x1.5 TL=12mm 1
    29 A2029000037 TUBE foam; ID6mm L 450mm 1

    To reduce production and delivery times, we are sometimes forced to make last-minute specification changes. Please be aware that those changes might not be reflected on these product pages and images.



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    On the majority of our frames, we run the gear and brake cables and hoses through the frame. The cables enter and exit the frame through smooth sockets, or we use one of our other systems like SMART ENTRY or WIRE PORT to be routed through. Running the cables inside the frame protects them from the elements, gives a clean and neat look and can offer aerodynamic advantages.

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    Shimano's Di2 electronic shifting system offers fast, smooth and reliable shifting. In particular, in the road world, it has proven itself as the primary choice when top performance is at the top of the agenda. With that in mind, we have a broad selection of performance road frames that are Di2 READY and can accommodate the electrical cable, battery and other little tweaks that the system requires.

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    NANO MATRIX CARBON is a special kind of carbon fibre where we add extremely tiny, nano-scale particles to the resin that binds the individual carbon fibres together. These then work on a molecular level to protect them from damage. It’s so effective that it can actually increase the finished carbon fibre’s impact resistance by up to 40%, allowing us to build stronger and lighter composite frames that result in a faster and tougher bike.

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    This is a method we use to manufacture our carbon fibre frames. First, the carbon fibre that makes up the frame is laid around special formers. We then use a bladder to compress the layers against the outside of the frame mould, giving a smooth and wrinkle-free internal finish, removing any voids in between the layers of carbon that can cause potential weak points, resulting in a stronger, lighter frame.

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    This is a special kind of tube shape that helps reduce aerodynamic drag while also helping to reduce weight. It’s based around a teardrop profile that was originally developed in the aeronautical industry, but the rearmost portion of the profile is cut short. This reduces the amount of material needed to make the tube, but air still flows around it just as well, giving all the aerodynamic benefits but at a lower weight.

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    When every second counts, the smallest of details can make the difference between winning and losing, so we look at every aspect of our frames to make them as sleek as possible. By using a seat post clamping mechanism that secures the post with a wedge inside the frame itself, we minimise the turbulence and potential drag while keeping post height adjustment simple, giving a frame that is more aerodynamic and also better looking.

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    This is a feature on the seat post fitted to some of our most aerodynamic road and time trial bikes. While we pay careful attention to delivering class-leading drag reduction, having a high-performance bike is only good if the rider can perform at their best too. Our FLIP FLOP HEAD allows the seat to be easily moved forwards or backwards with the clamp block to optimise the seat angle and, therefore, rider position and performance.

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    The INTERNAL BLOCK SYSTEM restricts the amount of steering lock that can be applied in either direction, limiting the likelihood of the fork crown hitting the frame downtube and causing damage in a crash. It does this by having a tab mounted in the frame that, along with a special adaptor on the fork, restricts the steering lock in either direction. This is backed up by rubber bumpers on the frame itself, further reducing the chances of the fork and frame being damaged in a crash.