• material: aluminium
  • 27,5x2,25" max. wheelsize
  • 135x9mm axle standard
  • internal
  • max. 630 Wh
frame size XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Coil
  • 75mm suspension travel
  • lockout
  • 27,5x2,4" max wheelsize
headset MERIDA CAP w/ wire gateway
  • material: aluminium
  • 660mm width
  • 15mm rise
  • material: aluminium
  • 31.8mm diameter
  • adjustable
  • 90 mm- XS/S/M/L/XL
shifters Shimano Deore M5100
  • 30.9mm diameter
  • 15mm setback
  • 40mm seatpost suspension travel
seat clamp MERIDA EXPERT
  • V-mount
  • incl. MERIDA minitool
pedal VP VPE-891
chain KMC e11S EPT
chainguard Sunnywheel SW-CG-173A
  • 38 teeth
  • 11-51 teeth
  • 11 speed
  • 100x15mm width front hub
  • 32 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • 135x9mm width rear hub
  • 36 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • 20mm inner width
  • material: aluminium
spokes Black stainless
  • 27.5x2.25"
  • wire
  • reflecting line
light front Herrmans H-Black MR4 E
light rear Spanninga Commuter Glow XE integrated in MERIDA MIK HD carrier
carrier MERIDA MIK HD Carrier with Spring clip & Spanninga rear light
fender Sunnywheel SW-FA-311-65A(MSB)
kickstand Atranvelo 1219-PC-7
frame lock Abus 4650 XL
battery lock Abus Key
display Shimano SC-E6100

weighed with 27.5" wheels and at frame size S, without pedals

Permitted max. weight 150 kg
Bike Frame Geometry Image
Frame Size XS S M L XL
Tyre Sizes 27.5" 27.5" 27.5" 27.5" 27.5"
Frame Size CM 38 43 48 53 58
ST seat tube [mm] 380 430 480 530 580
TT top tube [mm] 580 595 615 635 655
CS chain stay length [mm] 470 470 470 470 470
HTA head tube angle [°] 70 70 70 70 70
STA seat tube angle [°] 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5
BD bottom bracked drop [mm] 65 65 65 65 65
HT head tube [mm] 170 175 180 190 200
FL fork length [mm] 476 476 476 476 476
R reach [mm] 385 399 417 435 452
S stack [mm] 656 661 666 675 685
WB wheel base [mm] 1113 1129 1149 1170 1190
SH stand over height [mm] 403 403 402 402 401
No. Item-No. Name Info Pieces Torque NM
1 2300000772 SCREW 2 4
2 2311005167 DROPOUT DH-013F (see page 608) 1
3 2258004471 CABLE GUIDE 2
4 2300015751 SCREW 3 12
5 2300015762 SCREW 3 12
6.1 2143003600 PLUG for SIMPLO BATTERY 1
7 2164001900 ADAPTER 1
8 2298011142 SCREW 4 8
9 2030000514 COVER HOLDER 1
10 2030000525 COVER HOLDER 1
11 2160000363 O-RING 2
12 2221002481 BUSHING 2
13 2300016376 SCREW 1 6
14 2300011810 SCREW 3 4
15 2158003863 RUBBER LIP for size XS 1
15 2158003874 RUBBER LIP for size S 1
15 2158003885 RUBBER LIP for size M 1
15 2158003896 RUBBER LIP for size L 1
15 2158003904 RUBBER LIP for size XL 1
16 2161002337 BATTERY COVER for size XS W SHIMANO BATTERY 1
16 2161002348 BATTERY COVER for size S W SHIMANO BATTERY 1
16 2161002359 BATTERY COVER for size M W SHIMANO BATTERY 1
16 2161002360 BATTERY COVER for size L W SHIMANO BATTERY 1
16 2161002371 BATTERY COVER for size XL W SHIMANO BATTERY 1
16 2161002285 BATTERY COVER for size XS W SIMPLO BATTERY 1
16 2161002296 BATTERY COVER for size S W SIMPLO BATTERY 1
16 2161002304 BATTERY COVER for size M W SIMPLO BATTERY 1
16 2161002315 BATTERY COVER for size L W SIMPLO BATTERY 1
16 2161002326 BATTERY COVER for size XL W SIMPLO BATTERY 1
17 2136002123 LATCH KEEPER 1
18 2029000083 BUMPER 2
19 2258005386 CABLE GUIDE 1
20 2258005397 CABLE GUIDE 1
21 2300011768 SCREW 2 2,5
22 LATCH 1
23 2136001371 BC-MOUNT 1
24 2292002578 WASHER 2
25 2298011283 SCREW 2 6
26 2298011454 SCREW 1 6


The eSPRESSO CC is available with the new 'Energy Cradle' frame, where the 745 or 630 Wh battery (depending on model) is housed on top of the downtube, and can be accessed via a removable aluminium battery cover, or as a semi-integrated frame, where the 504 Wh battery is integrated into the lower part of the downtube.

Unique cradle like shaping of the downtube to accommodate the battery, without losing the all important frame stiffness of our low step-through frames. By not adding cutouts to the downtube, we can maintain the outstanding frame stiffness, that prevents our low step-through bikes from wobbling under load. Paired with an aluminium battery cover, the frames give the impression of an integrated battery, without sacrificing stability and battery accessibility. The tapered head tube, the large tube diameters and the forged motor bracket all contribute to achieving a safe and precise riding experience.

The eSPRESSO CC come fully equipped with fenders, kickstand, carrier and lights. Ready for any outing you can think of.

A centrally positioned low centre of gravity, which has been achieved through the positioning of the battery in the lower position of the downtube as well as the location of the Shimano motors, enables to deliver fantastic riding characteristics in any situation which are extremely important in particular in wave low step through frames which have the tendency to chatter and jitter when power is applied.

The decision to use 650B wheels with 2.25" off-road tread pattern for our CC models is not just a design feature but has more practical reasons. To add big volume tyres to an e-bike provides increased comfort but also extra traction and therefore more safety reserves. Small and even bigger bumps can easily be rolled over, and a big volume tyre provides more puncture protection compared to a narrow one.

We feature internal cable routing on all models. Cables are routed through the frame, entering and exiting through smooth sockets. Only a clever system for our internal guiding and fixing guarantees reliable and rattle free routing, whilst the cables are protected from moisture and dirt and gives the bike a cleaner look.

The Shimano mid-mounted motor, in combination with the forged motor bracket provides one of the lowest step-through heights in the market.




Tubes are inserted into negative moulds and a hot emulsion of water and oil is forced through at pressure, enabling them to be formed into complex shapes.



Our X-Tapered headtube offers the space for a tapered fork to be fitted. Tapered forks offer superb stiffness and precise and deliver confidence-inspiring steering.



Sometimes called ‘double pass welding’, a second pass over the weld gives a clean organic look to the frame. At first glance, you will be convinced it is carbon.



Cables are routed through the frame, entering and exiting through smooth sockets. The bike looks neat, whilst the cables are protected from moisture and dirt.



Bikes/frames with the symbol ‘Di2 Ready’ are prepared for the installation of Di2 technology with battery mounting in the seat post or within the fork steerer.



We use a minimum of 6061 aluminium. The pay back is that it’s possible to make lighter and more advanced frames. We use an additional heat treatment and double-butted wall thicknesses to produce light and stiff frames.



‘F-Mount’ equipped bikes have integrated fittings for mud guards (some bikes require model specific mud guards), making fitting fast and simple.



Integrated mount on the chainstay to fit a MERIDA kickstand (or any commercial kickstand).



‘C-Mount’ equipped bikes have the fixing points for a rear rack already integrated (some bikes require model specific rear rack), making fitting fast, simple and reliable. 



Sophisticated shape only possible due to casting technology, creating an integrated appearance as well as an extremely strong connection between the E-bike motor and frame for improved performance and reliability.



Unique cradle like shaping of the downtube to accommodate the battery, without adding any cut-outs and through that losing the all-important frame stiffness of our low step through frames. Paired with an aluminium battery cover, the frames give the impression of an integrated battery, without sacrificing stability and battery accessibility.



MERIDA designed headsets that allow all control cables to enter the frame through the headset, creating a clean and uncluttered look, without making structural changes to the frame. Depending on the model, the cables are run completely internally (including bar and stem) or semi-integrated where the cables enter the frame underneath the stem.