Mar 30, 2022

MERIDA Ambassador Hazel Findlay climbs 9a graded route

One of the world’s most versatile climbers, MERIDA Ambassador Hazel Findlay has climbed a hugely difficult 9a graded sport route named ‘Escalatamasters’ in Spain. The project was the culmination of her winter training and puts her as only the second-ever British woman and amongst a handful of women able to climb at this difficulty worldwide.

Hazel is well known in the climbing world for her achievements in the world of ‘trad’ climbing, where climbers place their own protection to mitigate a fall, as opposed to the pre-bolted ‘sport’ routes. This latest achievement cements her position amongst the elite in both disciplines and as a hugely versatile athlete.

Hazel has been mixing up her usual training by using her eONE-FORTY to help access climbing spots while also providing a fun way to keep fit when not in the climbing gym or out on the rock, saying: “I did feel in good shape when I got to the route but I also found it stressful and tiring having a training plan in winter as you spend so much time indoors. I think having the e-bike did actually help quite a bit because it made aerobic training fun but also helped me get out on the days when it wasn't too awful weather and this helped my general well-being which is so important when training and working hard.”

As for her future plans, she said: “I'll be changing up climbing styles now and focusing more on big wall climbing and expeditions and here I think big days out on the e-bike will be really useful training! But for now, I'll probably rest a bit because the last 3/4 months have been really full-on.”

We have some exciting plans working with Hazel coming up later this year, but in the meantime, you can keep up to date with her climbing - and now e-biking - by following her on Instagram.