When every fraction of a second counts, the slightest advantage can make the difference between winning and losing. Welcome to the new disc brake ready TIME WARP TT. 
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Yes, our new TIME WARP TT got the race-proven aerodynamics of the previous generation, but sometimes you need to look in the less obvious places for that winning edge. That’s why we’ve added disc-brake integration, greater tyre clearance and improved comfort, all while maintaining its already impressive weight and air slicing abilities. Having reliable stopping power as well as improved modulation under all weather conditions can give the race deciding edge when every split-second counts.

The switch to discs also allows tyres of up to 28 mm to be fitted, which further reduces rolling resistance and enhances grip, allowing the rider to maintain the hard-won speed. It also adds additional comfort to the offering, which isn’t something the time trial fraternity would typically focus on; however, the wider road cycling world has begun to see the advantages in reducing fatigue to maximise performance. While our TIME WARP has maintained its stiffness for perfect power transfer and acceleration, we’ve also introduced the latest version of the S-FLEX seat post that further reduces road buzz and improves comfort, all while keeping an aerodynamically optimised profile. The previous version of TIME WARP TT set new standards in weight reduction and aerodynamic improvement by dropping 400 g and reducing the drag by around 9 watts at 50 km/h. For the fourth generation of the bike, we’ve kept that impressively low weight the same despite the introduction of the higher overall system weight of disc brakes and the related frame alterations. We’ve also included cockpit compatibility with the latest VISION extensions, fully integrated cable routing for brake and shifting cables, easy cockpit adjustability for perfect rider positioning and proven TT geometry. The TIME WARP TT will be available as a frame kit only and includes frame, fork, seat post, headset and the VISION aero base-bar METRON TT.

  • Disc brake ready
  • Fully integrated cable routing
  • MERIDA S-FLEX carbon seat post
  • Tyre clearance for up to 28 mm tyres
  • Race-proven aerodynamics and TT geometry
  • VISION aero base-bar METRON TT
  • material: carbon
  • 700x28C max. wheelsize
  • 100x12/ 142x12mm axle standard
  • BB86,5 bottom bracket standard
frame size S, M, L
color BLACK
  • material: carbon
  • 700x28C max. wheelsize
  • material: carbon
  • compatible with VISION METRON TFE extensions
  • Aero shape
  • 0 and 15mm setback
  • Carbon
  • including removable lever
  • 6/4mm allen key
Bike Frame Geometry Image
Frame Size S M L
Tyre Sizes 28" 28" 28"
ST seat tube [mm] 500 540 580
TT top tube [mm] 514 554 574
CS chain stay length [mm] 415 415 415
HTA head tube angle [°] 72 72 72
STA seat tube angle [°] 76 76 76
BD bottom bracket drop [mm] 55 70 70
HT head tube [mm] 72 72 115
FL fork length [mm] 371 371 371
R reach [mm] 399 435 445
S stack [mm] 463 478 519
WB wheel base [mm] 988 1022 1045
SH stand over height [mm] 781 799 838
No. Item-No. Name Info Pieces Torque NM
1 A2161003037 BUMPER for steering stop pin 1
2 A2248000035 CLAMP for saddle rail; left inner part 1
3 A2248000031 CLAMP for saddle rail; left outer part 1
4 A2248000034 CLAMP for saddle rail; right inner part 1
5 A2248000030 CLAMP for saddle rail; right outer part 1
6 A2300000259 SCREW M6x1 L45mm 2 10~12
7 A2029000075 COVER for seatpost 1
8 A2247000155 CLAMP for seatpost 1 4~5
9 A2347000030 COVER for seatpost clamp 1
10a A2136000092 MOUNT for FD 1
10b A2136000102 MOUNT for FD (special for up to 60T) 1
11 A2298000357 SCREW M4x0.7 L16mm 2 4~5
12 A2322000042 PROTECTOR for chain stay 1
13 A2311000103 RD HANGER DH-067 for SHIMANO direct mount 1
14 A2143000155 CABLE PLUG for Di2 1
15 A2300000129 SCREW M3x0.5 L10mm 1 2~3
16 A2350001359 FORK 1
17a A2073000551 SEATPOST L=300mm; one-piece 1
17b A2073000544 SEATPOST L=350mm; one-piece 1
18 A2054000107 EXPANDER for fork steerer ID 23.6mm 1 6~8
19 A2191000209 HEADSET MERIDA WARP TT (MH-P03/MH-P22) 1
20 A2002000103 THRU AXLE EXPERT SL; L=120mm M12x1.5 TL=12mm 1
21 A2298000059 SCREW M5x0.8 L15mm 5 3~4
22 A2311000104 RD HANGER DH-068 for ROAD-RD 1
23 A2002000152 THRU AXLE EXPERT SL; L=162.5mm M12x1.5 TL=12mm 1
24 A2029000037 TUBE foam; ID6mm L 450mm 1

To reduce production and delivery times, we are sometimes forced to make last-minute specification changes. Please be aware that those changes might not be reflected on these product pages and images.