Dec 13, 2018 tests the eONE-SIXTY 900-E


Our top of the line eONE-SIXTY 900-E has an amazing following amongst riders and cycle press alike, and the team at jumped at the chance to review our test and award-winning e-enduro bike.   

Throughout the test period, the bike impressed the team with the great list of components, supple and supportive suspension and smooth power delivery, provided by the excellent Shimano STEPS E8000 unit.

‘I enjoyed my time aboard the eOne-Sixty 900E, the high price tag is matched by a high-quality build and a composed ride…but if you've got the dollar and want something that will hit all manners of trails with ease, plenty of grip and a nimble ride then the Merida will be right up your street. In terms of downhill ability, the eOne-Sixty 900E has plenty of it, it’s got grip by the shed load, the suspension is supportive yet supple and it's by far the most nimble e-mtb I’ve ridden so far.’

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