Feb 19, 2019

MISSION CX 8000 tested by IMB


The International Mountainbike Magazine (IMB), as the name suggests, normally focuses on mountain bikes, rather than cyclocross or gravel bikes, but in recent issues, the inquisitive IMB team have more and more often looked into the 'bordering' disciplines and have imagined what other bikes mountain bikers would look into.
In the
search for the 'extra' bike, the team has already come across the SILEX 9000 (see review here - https://www.imbikemag.com/reviews/bikes/xc-bikes/merida-bikes-silex-9000-2018/) but in the latest issue of the online magazine (issue 57) it was time to throw a leg over the latest addition to our range - the MISSION CX 8000.

Looking at it very much from the point of view of a mountain biker, the team pointed out the updated geometry, the addition of the latest standards, the overall versatility of the bike, the chosen components and system weight. 'This is the sort of bike that can just be grabbed and ridden from the door whenever you have a spare hour, no faffing to the trailhead, just get out and find the limits of your fitness and skills' commented the review team.

'The MISSION 8000 fits the bill perfectly for a mountain biker's road bike, with great components derived from the mountain bike world. With big tyre clearance, it can easily be used for adventures but then converted back to cyclocross mode if you want to race in the winter. It's definitely 'speed over comfort', but this is certainly a versatile rocket that will sharpen your skills and fitness over winter.'

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