Even the newest cyclists deserve a quality riding experience, with a bike that’s built from high-quality parts and based entirely around their needs.

With an updated frame that’s lighter than before, the MATTS J16 offers even the youngest riders seriously sorted handling and equipment designed around their needs. That means brakes with special levers designed for little hands to effectively control, plus easy to pedal gearing contained in a closed chain guard that keep hands safe and clothes clean. Lightweight wheels with fast rolling but grippy tyres ensure that that youth is no barrier to shredding. Suits heights from approx. 92-109 cm tall.

Our MATTS J range is designed for the heroes of tomorrow, which is why we put all the know-how gained from years of making adult bikes into lightweight, high-quality machines for kids to enjoy. High-quality components chosen specifically for the needs of children are married to our aluminium frames that are created with the same painstaking attention to detail and quality of finish as the rest of our bikes. That’s the only way to guarantee that young riders get the same enjoyment of cycling, safe in the knowledge that their bike will never let them down. Whatever your age, your level of ability or your size, we have the perfect first MERIDA ready for you. See you on the start line!

  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Closed chain guard keeps fingers safe and clothes clean
  • Easy to pedal gearing
  • Specially designed V-brake levers for small hands
  • Fast rolling but grippy tyres on 16” wheels
  • Kid specific finishing kit
  • material: aluminium
  • 16" wheelsize
  • 112x9/100x9 wheelsize
  • BMX bottom bracket standard
Tailles 8.5"
Frein avant V-brake alloy
Frein arrière V-brake alloy
  • 28 teeth
  • MAT Aluminium
  • 90 mm
  • 28 teeth
  • MAT Aluminium
Axe de pédalier FSA TH-7420ST, 68-113
Chaine KMC S1 single
Roue libre 16T, singlespeed
  • material: aluminium
  • 500 mm width
  • 19 mm rise
Poignée Kraton short, 102 mm, w/plug.
  • material: aluminium
  • 31.8 mm diameter
  • 50 mm
Direction FSA NO.10
  • 27.2 mm diameter
  • 0 mm setback
  • material: aluminium
  • material: aluminium
Rayons Steel UCP
Chambre à air A.V
Moyeu avant Kid steel-Flange Nut
Moyeu arrière Kid steel-Flange Nut-single
Pedale VP-225
Béquille kickstand adjustable alloy
Hardware Dacromet steel
  • weighed at frame size UNI
  • Weight may vary depending on bike size, finish or possible specification changes due to supply chain issues.
Bike Frame Geometry Image
Frame Size 8.5"
Tire Sizes 16"
St Seat Tubes Mm 210
Tt Top Tubes Mm 390
Cs Chain Stays Mm 293
Hta Head Tube Angles Deg 70
Sta Seat Tube Angle Deg 71
Bd Bottom Bracket Drops Mm 12
Ht Head Tube Lengths Mm 115
Fl Fork Lengths Mm 280
R Reachs Mm 262
S Stacks Mm 371
Wb Wheel Base Mm 723
Sh Stand Over Height Mm 388


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L'aluminium 61 est notre exigence minimale. Plus léger, il permet d'en faire un cadre plus avancé. Un traitement à chaud et des tubes ajustés, produisent un cadre léger et rigide.

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Les vélos équipés du "F-Mount" sont dotés de points d'attache intégrés pour y fixer un garde-boue rapidement et facilement (certains vélos exigent un modèle de garde-boue spécifique).

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Base de montage intégrée sur le montant de la chaine pour y fixer une béquille latérale MERIDA.

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La patte du curseur offre de nombreux réglages horizontaux pour une tension de chaîne fluide et facile des systèmes d'engrenages de moyeu, sans avoir besoin d'un tendeur de chaîne supplémentaire. Sa conception volumineuse offre une rigidité de cadre optimale.

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