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    • material: carbon
    • 700x30C max. wheelsize
    • 100x12/ 142x12mm axle standard
    • BB86,5 bottom bracket standard
    frame size XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
    • material: carbon
    • 700x30C max. wheelsize
    brake lever Shimano Dura Ace disc
    • material: carbon
    • 400mm (XXS-XS-S), 420mm (M-L-XL),
    • material: carbon

    • 100 mm-XXS/XS/S, 110 mm-M, 120 mm-L/XL

    grip One-Touch
    derailleur (f) Shimano Dura Ace Di2
    shifters Shimano Dura Ace disc Di2
    • Aero shape
    • 15mm setback
    • Carbon
    seat clamp MERIDA REACTO Aero
    saddle SCRATCH M5
    chain Shimano CN-HG901-11
    • 52-36 teeth
    • 165 mm-XSS/XS, 170 mm-S, 172.5 mm-M, 175 mm-L/XL
    crank 165 mm-XSS/XS, 170 mm-S, 172.5 mm-M, 175 mm-L/XL
    • 11-30 teeth
    • 11 speed
    • 100x12mm width front hub
    • 142x12mm width rear hub
    • 19mm inner width
    • 55mm height
    • Centerlock
    • material: carbon
    • Tubeless ready (tubeless tape and valves not included)
    • including removable lever
    • 6/4mm allen key
    spokes attached
    light rear REACTO light seat post + Battery

    weighed with 700C wheels and at frame size M, without pedals

    max. weight 120 kg
    Bike Frame Geometry Image
    Frame Size XXS XS S M L XL
    Tyre Sizes 28" 28" 28" 28" 28" 28"
    ST seat tube [mm] 470 500 520 540 560 590
    TT top tube [mm] 520 536 545 560 575 590
    CS chain stay length [mm] 408 408 408 408 408 408
    HTA head tube angle [°] 70.5 72 72.5 73.5 73.5 74
    STA seat tube angle [°] 74.5 74 74 73.5 73 73
    BD bottom bracked drop [mm] 70 70 66 66 66 66
    HT head tube [mm] 105 112 128 140 155 176
    FL fork length [mm] 385 385 385 385 385 385
    R reach [mm] 377 384 390 395 400 409
    S stack [mm] 517 529 542 557 571 593
    WB wheel base [mm] 985 983 990 990 999 1010
    SH stand over height [mm] 746 771 792 810 826 853
    No. Item-No. Name Info Pieces Torque NM
    1 A2029000035 TUBE foam; ID6mm L350mm 1
    2 A2029000028 TUBE foam; ID5mm L400mm 1
    3 A2054000107 EXPANDER for fork steerer ID 23.6mm 1
    4 A2191000187 HEADSET FSA NO.55R 1.5"/ACR/STD (TH-MR127, TH-MR168) 1
    5 A2029000055 TUBE woven; L40mm for size XXS/XS 1
    5 A2029000056 TUBE woven; L60mm for size S 1
    5 A2029000057 TUBE woven; L70mm for size M 1
    5 A2029000058 TUBE woven; L90mm for size L 1
    5 A2029000059 TUBE woven; L105mm for size XL 1
    6 A2164000060 DISC COOLER front; for FM160/FM180 1
    7 A2298000265 SCREW M5x0.8 L16mm 2 6~8
    8 A2002000103 THRU AXLE EXPERT SL; L=120mm M12x1.5 TL=12mm 1
    9 A2248000035 CLAMP for saddle rail; left inner part 1
    10 A2248000031 CLAMP for saddle rail; left outer part 1
    11 A2248000034 CLAMP for saddle rail; right inner part 1
    12 A2248000030 CLAMP for saddle rail; right outer part 1
    13 A2300000259 SCREW M6x1 L45mm 2 10~12
    14a A2128000052 COVER for S-FLEX seatpost; with LED light 1
    14b A2129000081 COVER for S-FLEX seatpost, w/o light 1
    15 A2347000024 COVER for seatpost clamp 1
    16 A2247000084 CLAMP for seatpost 1 5~6
    17 A2298000059 SCREW M5x0.8 L15mm 4 3~4
    18 A2136000053 MOUNT for FD 1
    19 A2143000130 BLIND PLUG 1
    20 A2143000095 CABLE PLUG for Di2 1
    21 A2322000034 PROTECTOR for chain stay 1
    22 A2311000104 RD HANGER DH-068 for ROAD-RD 1
    23 A2311000103 RD HANGER DH-067 for SHIMANO direct mount 1
    24 A2300000129 SCREW M3x0.5 L10mm 1 2~4
    25 A2143000131 BLIND PLUG 1
    26 A2143000082 CABLE PLUG for mechanical 1
    27 A2143000121 CABLE PLUG for Di2 1
    28 A2164000061 DISC COOLER rear; for FM140/FM160 1
    29 A2002000104 THRU AXLE EXPERT SL; L=162.5mm M12x1.5 TL=12mm 1

    To reduce production and delivery times, we are sometimes forced to make last-minute specification changes. Please be aware that those changes might not be reflected on these product pages and images.


    To offer maximum control and braking performance, the new REACTO comes equipped with disc brakes throughout the range. We use flat mount disc brake standards in combination with our 'Disc Cooling' technology at the front and rear for the best braking performance. A flat mount rear caliper is mounted on the chainstay which is better for dissipating braking forces but also keeps it protected inside the rear triangle.

    Our high-performance carbon models with the CF5 frame feature a completely cable integrated Vision Metron 5D ACR carbon cockpit, improving aerodynamics and offering a super clean silhouette and cockpit area. The CF3 models with electronic shifting feature a two-piece aluminium cable integrated cockpit consisting of a Vision ACR SMR stem combined with a MERIDA EXPERT CW handlebar. All three cockpit options provide a very clean, organic and modern appearance.

    With aerodynamic optimisation at the fork, seat stays and a cable integrated cockpit the new REACTO offers even better values than its already class-topping predecessor.

    The 12 mm bolt through axles for greater wheel stiffness and precise disc alignment when replacing wheels. The custom axle lever is removable and has a 4 mm Allen key included, so, for example, stem and seat post clamps can be tightened and loosened.

    All models feature a full carbon fork with a tapered steerer to give precise, confidence-inspiring steering. All SCULTURA Alloy and CF2 carbon models feature a ‘regular’ 1 1/8" to 1 1/2" taper. The high-end SCULTURA CF4 frame has a slimmed down front profile and uses a 1 1/8" to 1 1/4" taper, the new REACTO frames a 1 1/2" to 1 1/4"taper.

    A forged aluminium part under the front and/or rear disc brake caliper draws heat away through CNC-milled cooling fins giving 35 % less heat build-up and faster temperature reduction for a stable braking performance.

    Comfort has always been a key feature of the REACTO. Many aero bikes suffer from a harsh ride due to the larger tube sections and seat posts. Not so on the REACTO, where our profiled seat post behaves like a conventional seat post providing a significant level of comfort amongst other aero bikes.




    Our X-Tapered headtube offers the space for a tapered fork to be fitted. Tapered forks offer superb stiffness and precise and deliver confidence-inspiring steering.



    Cables are routed through the frame, entering and exiting through smooth sockets. The bike looks neat, whilst the cables are protected from moisture and dirt.



    To protect the integrity of carbon frames, the fibres are bonded together with an epoxy resin with added nano particles, increasing impact resistance by up to 40%.



    When creating the individual carbon elements, an inflatable bladder is used to ensure there are no wrinkles inside the tube as these can add weight and create weakness. This results in a lighter, stiffer and stronger frame.



    The aerodynamics are based around a NACA0028 teardrop profile (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) which is truncated. Air moves around the tube as though the missing rear section of the teardrop were still there, saving weight by using less material.



    A forged aluminium component under the front and/or rear caliper allowing heat to dissipate through CNC-milled cooling fins. Tests show that temperatures are reduced by around 35 % and cooling times are shortened, optimising the performance of the brake.



    Designing WorldTour bikes is similar to Formula 1: apparently nondescript details can result in saving split seconds. Integrated seat-post clamping minimises turbulence at the top tube.



    MERIDA designed headsets that allow all control cables to enter the frame through the headset, creating a clean and uncluttered look, without making structural changes to the frame. Depending on the model, the cables are run completely internally (including bar and stem) or semi-integrated where the cables enter the frame underneath the stem.