Black, grey

A super lightweight rear light, built to keep you safe without losing your speed.

Featuring a low-profile, aero design the MERIDA SUPER BRIGHT REAR AERO is a bright, 25 lumen rear red light that punches far harder than it's tiny size would suggest. It is convenient to recharge using USB and has a high-quality Lithium-Ion Polymer battery that will fully charge in 2.5 hr and run for up to 1.5h. It can be quickly fitted and removed without tools, ideal for security or swapping between bikes.

At just 31 g, the SUPER BRIGHT REAR AERO won't weigh you down on or off the bike. It is suitable for seatposts (including aero posts) measuring 19-48 mm in diameter.

Technical info: Type of battery (battery or USB): USB Kind of USB battery: Lithium-ion polymer (300 mAh) Charging time: 2.5 h Running time - in each mode: Constant: 1.5 h Kind of light - quantity and power of bulbs/diodes: 16 COB Chips Output in lumens: 25