Jan 19, 2021

MIK-HD-rear rack to win Design & Innovation Award 2021

The Design & Innovation Award 2021 are not all about bikes. In recent years we were lucky enough to have a string of products being awarded this highly sought-after honour, but this year we had multiple Design & Innovation Awards being given to MERIDA products including our MIK-HD-rear rack. 

Our MIK-HD-rear rack is an integral feature of the majority of our eSPRESSO, eSPRESSO CITY and eSPRESSO CC models and combines impressive load-carrying abilities with multiple mounting options and the hugely visible and powerful Spanning rear light. 

Here what the test jury had to say about our rear rack solution: 
'The MIK-HD rack with its integrated Spanninga rear light is an excellent companion for your everyday rides. It lends every ebike more safety and wide-ranging utility, with everything packaged into an elegant and slim design. The luggage rack is particularly versatile as it uses the MIK attachment system. With a load rating of 27 kg, you can even mount a child seat on it. The rear light has a particularly wide beam, provides good side visibility and ensures an extra dose of safety on every ride in the dark. The Spanninga light can be connected invisibly with the main ebike battery and controlled from the bars. The design is inspired by modern LED taillights and enhances the look of fully-equipped ebikes in a high-quality way. Particularly nice: the MIK-HD luggage rack is standard spec on all MERIDA EQ models, removing the need to make the decision about whether and which rack to use, with the right product fitted from the get-go.' 

To see where our MIK-HD-rear rack is an integral part of the bike, please have a look at our eSPRESSO, eSPRESSO CITY and eSPRESSO CC range.

As mentioned above, besides our MIK-HD-rear rack being awarded, we were also successful with our REACTO TEAM-E, the eONE-FORTY EQ and the eSILEX+ 600